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Dear Customers, my website provider/program server had prevented my customers from posting to my Guestbook for quite some time  due to concerns regarding website spamming and security. I believe that they have now found a solution to this problem, so it is my hope that once again my customers will be able to sign my guestbook. Feedback from my customers is so very important to me.  Thank you for your patience !

Your feedback not only helps inspire and improve what I love doing in my work, it also provides vital information to my new customers.  I would not have the freedom to be doing what I love if not for the support of my awesome customers......Peace & Gratitude - Jan


Name: Robin
Date: 05/17/2011
Message: Hi Jan! I received my necklace yesterday and I absolutely love it!! It is just what I wanted and i think it has become my new lucky charm!! I am not sure if I told you, the reason I went to the islands to visit last year? My boyfriend of two years was sent by his company in Atlanta to work there for two months since they have a branch there. After visiting him for a week I fell in love!! It is a wonderful place!!I can't blame you for calling it home!! But to make a long story short, I purchased my post from you on Thursday. Thursday night, (him not knowing I had ordered it) asked me if I would move with him there :) his company wants him to transfer there in September :) of course I said yes!! So I just really want to thank you and the post for bringing me some wonderful luck!! Thank you again and I hope one day to be able to come over to St. Croix from St Thomas to thank you in person!!! You are wonderful!! Thank you again!!! Robin

Name: Russ Hall
Date: 05/02/2011
Message: Talked to you on the street in St. Croix. I'm kicking myself for not buying a piece right there. (adventure of the sea)

Name: Kelly Byas
Date: 04/27/2011
Message: I love these genuine works of art. Hope to see them in person some day!

Name: Dede Morrison
Date: 04/06/2011
Message: Great things. Ryan is my next door neighbor. Great Guy. Erin also. Do you do an anchor alone?

Name: Cissy Reid
Date: 04/03/2011
Message: Saw Jan's work at St. Croix and fell in love with it. I had to have the Inhale Life necklace- my mantra!!! It is so unusual and the words are so breathtaking-

Name: Pigeon Creek Tinsmith
Date: 02/27/2011
Message: Just love the WAVE pendant and agate necklace. Also we enjoyed talking with you.

Name: Betty Bennett
Date: 02/27/2011
Message: Please post 2011 schedule. Am interested in wheter you'll be having any shows in NOLA.

Name: florence mccoy
Date: 02/25/2011
Message: I looking for sterling silver bangels

Name: Big E
Date: 02/24/2011
Message: Sitting landlocked using your site to daydream of my upcoming adventure to St real home.

Name: Anita (Workman) Schneider
Date: 01/31/2011
Message: Jan, I love my "Sea of Tears" necklace so much. I've had a lot of people comment on your artistic talent. I am looking at purchasing a Captains Whistle. I love it! -Take Care -Anita

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