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In  In love with the Caribbean Sea, I began my expression thru jewelry by bezeling sea glass that I had gathered off the beaches of St. Croix.  As a self-taught metalsmith,  PADI Scuba Instructor, and a Pisces,   I lived in the Virgin Islands for 17 years before I made a move to Louisiana in 2006.  Having strong family ties to Louisiana, witnessing Katrina and Rita from St. Croix, was an awakening experience for me.   I  made the move  after Katrina to be a part of the rebuilding process in any way that I could.   Currently I live and work in both the U. S. Virgin Islands, Southeast Louisiana and also a lovely little town outside of Breckenridge, Colorado (Fairplay, Co)  As life experiences both challenge and inspire my spirit, I  focus my designs on life's ever changing tides.  I have melted precious metals with emotions (sometimes, adding a bit of whimsy) to create my line of jewelry.  I personally design my pieces beginning with a simple message or image that I want to share.  I fabricate my jewelry starting with raw materials, sterling sheet and 6-20 gauge silver wire, using mixed media, 14kt gold accents & whatever else seems to make the piece "happen".   Me, myself & I, hammer, saw, file, solder, stamp, bless and yes, even polish my own pieces.  I love to use rivets or what we call "cold connections" to allow my pieces to have moving parts.  I have also invented a few of my designs by carving wax and using the process of lost wax casting.   Nearly every piece was designed and created to be worn as a token of personal energies, inspirations and experiences which have shaped our lives.  


"I crave the freedom of floating in silence, to set free ...
..those thoughts that bind me"
Jan  Lyon Bennett

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