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Sharing Your feedback not only helps inspire and improve what I love doing in my work, it also provides vital information to my new customers.  I would not have the freedom to be doing what I love if not for the support of my awesome customers......Peace & Gratitude - Jan


Name: Dena Alessi-Bowden
Date: 02/24/2021
Message: Absolutely love your work and so does people that see Mt necklace you made.❣❣❣

Name: Cote Caceres
Date: 10/26/2020
Message: I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at the Sunday market at Corey Ave. I was blown away by your designs. I could not decide between 2, so I had to get both Medusa and the evil eye necklaces. You not only showed me all the pieces I wanted to see, but we also had a great conversation. I will be coming back for a whistle, and more pcs, These 2 will definitely not be the last. Good luck with everything you have going on!

Name: Sharon Phillips & David Clark
Date: 03/31/2020
Message: Love our jewelry. My bracelet is beautiful and I love it. I love all of my jewelry from you. David has not taken his necklace off since you put it on in February. Stay safe!❤️

Name: Diana Fusting
Date: 03/31/2020
Message: I'm so glad you will be selling online as I live a distance from where you are. Stay well.

Name: Jody
Date: 03/31/2020
Message: I purchased a necklace in October 2019, while in St Pete for a 1/2 marathon. As I was walking around the farmers market I ran into Jan's wonderfully artistic booth. I spent a bit of time talking with her and loved every piece of art in her collection. Unfortunately I had to narrow it down to one piece and got the necklace ‘Tide and time wait for no one'. I love it and wish I were closer so buy more pieces.

Name: TAZ
Date: 07/07/2019
Message: I love my heart necklace! I was hoping that I would find your necklaces on line since your are gone for the summer and I can't see you at any events, sad face!

Name: Wendy Mendes
Date: 03/04/2019
Message: Absolutely love your designs!

Name: kimberly emmanuel
Date: 03/03/2019
Message: I recently saw you at the Gulfport dog ADOPTION fair. I would really like to see more of your beautiful creations in hope to own a piece of your collection. when and where will your be in the st pete area again? thank you. My email is

Name: Patricia DeMatteo
Date: 07/07/2017
Message: Would love to see more of your fabulous work and perhaps a catalog or store front location.

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